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Lumatek & Maxibright Ballasts

These are heavily discounted online prices only and not available in the store.

250w Ballasts

250w ipac
Maxibright 250w ipac Ballasts
Vented gloss whit finish. This ballast is made in the UK from high quality ipac control gear. Great for small grows.

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250w Compact
Maxibright 250w Compact Ballasts
Silent, wall mountable ballast. Spanish made using Layrton control gear. For small set ups or to ‘add’ more light to your garden.

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Digilight 250w
Maxibright Digilight 250w Ballasts
Lightweight, silent with an end of lamp life detection and a shut-off circuit for that extra piece of mind. For use in small grows for 1 or 2 plants.

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Lumatek 250w
Lumatek 250w Ballast
Digital ballasts at their absolute best. More lumens means more yield and this ballast is proven to produce more lumens per watt than any other. Long bulb life, less heat produced and completely silent running. Looks great too!
For small grows 1 or 2 plants.

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400w Ballasts

Maxibright 400w Compact Ballasts
Maxibright 400w Compact Ballasts
Softer starting, cooler running upgrade of the older maxibright model.

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Digilight 400w
Maxibright Digilight 400w Ballasts
Lightweight, silent with an end of lamp life detection and a shut-off circuit for that extra piece of mind. For use in small grows for 2 or 3 plants.

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Lumatek 400w Dimmable
Lumatek 400w Dimmable Ballast
Completely silent running, dimmable switch for ultimate control. Can switch down to 250w with a turn of a switch.
Also with super lumen boost to aid your plants in heavy flower. Lightweight, powerful and looks the part too. This is the best digital ballast on the market. Who says so? The plants say so!

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600w Ballasts

Maxibright 600w Compact Ballasts
Maxibright 600w Compact Ballasts
An upgrade of the excellent MK3 model, with softer starting technology for extended lamp life and cooler running. Excellent value for money without a loss of quality.

Quantity :
Digilight 600w
Maxibright Digilight 600w Ballasts
Gives you everything a normal 600w ballast gives you and a whole lot more.
Quieter, longer lamp life and more lumens from your bulb. Makes the digital ballast the next generation.

Quantity :
Lumatek Dimmable Ballast 600w
Was £170 now £120
Lumatek 600w Dimmable Ballast
This Ballast offers total control of your light output. It has 4 settings including a super lumen switch which adds 10% lumens when activated. I deal for when your plant is in heavy flower. This ballast is the best money can but. It performs and looks amazing!

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600w Lumii Vented Ballasts
600w Lumii Vented Ballasts
An excellent, quiet running, reliable vented balast. Designed to keep heat to a minimum.

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1000w Ballasts

1000w Compact Ballasts
1000w Compact Ballasts
A monster ballast to produce monster yields. Excellent for use with air cooled lighting systems or light movers.

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All of these ballasts can run both metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs.

Due to the massive increase in hydroponics and indoor growing equipment it would be impossible to list all of our products on our website, so if there is a particular item that you are looking for and its not on here please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will do our upmost to satisfy your requirements. We can take orders over the phone if you are signed up to Google Checkout.