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Grow Tent Kits

Quality Original Growing Kits

Most grow tent kits you see on the internet and on auction sites are really bad quality, and when the buyer gets it delivered, they usually have to purchase stronger fans and stuff, therefore the kit that seemed so cheap, works out not so cheap after all. We use original grow tents of the finest quality, no broken kits or flimsy material, rhino carbon filters and ducting and RVK fans.

These are heavily discounted online prices only and not available in the store.

1.2m Kit
1.2m Kit
Contains 1.2m original grow tent, 600w Maxibright Ballast, 600m Dual Spectrum Bulbs, Euro Reflector, 5” Rhino Carbon Filter, 5” RVK Fan, 5m 5” Rhino Ducting, 4” RVK, 5m 4” Rhino Ducting.

Quantity :
2.4m Kit
2.4m Kit
Contains 2.4m original grow tent, 2 x 600w Maxibright Ballast, 2 x 600m Dual Spectrum Bulbs, 2 x 6” Cool Tubes, 6” RVK Fan, 6” Rhino Filter, 5m 6” Rhino Ducting, 5” RVK, 5m 5” Rhino Ducting.

Quantity :
2m<sup>2</sup> Kit
2m2 Kit
Contains 2m2 original grow tent, 4 x 600w Maxibright Ballast, 4 x 600m Dual Spectrum Bulbs, 4 x 6” Cool Tubes, 2 x 6” RVK Fan, 2 x 6” Rhino Filter, 10m 6” Rhino Ducting, 2 x 5” RVK fans, 10m 5” Rhino Ducting.

Quantity :

Due to the massive increase in hydroponics and indoor growing equipment it would be impossible to list all of our products on our website, so if there is a particular item that you are looking for and its not on here please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will do our upmost to satisfy your requirements. We can take orders over the phone if you are signed up to Google Checkout.