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These are heavily discounted online prices only and not available in the store.
Complete Nutrient Set
Complete Nutrient Set
Perfect for the first time grower. Everything you need from rooting gel to late bloom enhancer. Fantastic products at an exceptional price. Pack contains rooting gel, root stimulator125ml, Holland Secret Set 500ml of Micro Grow and Bloom, 125ml each of Super B+ and Royal Gold Fulvic Acid, 10g of Bud Start, 50g of Carbo Blast, 50g Ton o Bud and 50g of Heavies.


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12 Pot System
12 Pot System
A 12ft * 10ft area is ample space for the 12 pot system because the twelve pot system uses the same size reservoir as the 24 pot system. You can leave your grow for longer without having to tend to your water.

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24 Pot System
24 Pot System
The most popular of all systems. 16ft * 16ft space produces lots and lots of fruit. If you can’t get to your grow on a regular basis a 350 litre tank can be used instead of a 220 litre tank. The 24 pot system can also be
upgraded to the pro system with a 7000 litre per hour pump and dual drain pumps for quicker feeding times and more control.

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ton o bud
Ton ‘o’ Bud
Used in the middle stages of flowering for TONS of fruit,can be used in any growing medium with any nutrient solution.Only 5g per 10 litres of nutrient solution.

100g – £17.50
500g - £82.00
1Kg - £145.00
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Due to the massive increase in hydroponics and indoor growing equipment it would be impossible to list all of our products on our website, so if there is a particular item that you are looking for and its not on here please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will do our upmost to satisfy your requirements. We can take orders over the phone if you are signed up to Google Checkout.
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